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Phone: 949-675-3833

Patient Testimonials

"I just showed up here unannounced while on vacation because I had a hearing aid emergency.  Donna took me right in and immediately treated me like her own patient.  She ordered the part of my hearing aid for me that had broken.  I came in on a Friday and the part would arrive that Monday.  She charged me nothing other than the shipping to get the part there by Monday.  So grateful.  My vacation would have been ruined if I couldn't hear out of one ear."

Lisa L.

Washington, DC

"Dr. Cody is amazing!  I have gone to her for hearing tests for about 18 months now. Today, I had an urgent ear condition and she got me in immediately and took care of it!  She explains test results and ear conditions clearly and concisely.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Cody!  When I need a hearing device, she will be the one I consult."

Maryann K.

Corona del Mar, CA

"Thank you again for always making me feel so welcome and cared for."


Corona del Mar, CA

"Dr. Cody is the consummate professional, patient, kind, caring and very knowledgeable.  You don't feel rushed and she will stay with you as long as you have questions.  While the Hearing Aid Industry is often accused of overselling whether you need hearing aids or not, this will not happen with Dr. Cody.  She wants what is best for you not for her pocket book.  Look no further.  You've found the best."

Gary B.

Newport Beach, CA

"I have worn hearing aids for over ten years now and have never experienced the vast improvements that you, through your expertise, have given to me.  I really didn't think that it was possible to hear so well again, nor did I realize how difficult it was for people to talk to me..."


Newport Beach, CA

"Best in the business.  Don't go anywhere else.  Dr. Donna is focused on your satisfaction.  My dad came over from England and Donna sorted out new hearing aids for him and continued to follow up with regular e-mails and phone calls.  Absolutely unbelievable customer service."

 Steve W.

Lake Forest, CA 

"I wanted to call and let you know that I love my hearing aids.  I spent almost a week in Las Vegas.  We had a baptism and a first communion, and they (the hearing aids) were wonderful.  Thank you very much for all of your help and all of your patience.  I'm very happy."

Kathleen G.

Fountain Valley, CA

"Dr. Donna Cody has helped me hear well again.  She is very nice and extremely thorough.  She ran extensive tests and identified where I was having trouble, and she made sure that I was comfortable with my options.  She allowed me to test different hearing aids to determine which one worked best for me.  I am very happy with the hearing aid that I finally ordered as it has really helped me.  Dr. Cody follows up frequently to be sure that everything is okay, and is very willing to make adjustments if they are necessary.  Dr. Cody has a lot of experience in the field and worked at the House Institute of over a decade, so she has really good training.  I am very happy with Dr. Cody, and so is my family since I can hear them again"

Paul R.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Knowledgeable and experienced."

Dac C.
Irvine, CA

"Dr., Thank you so much for taking care of my mom, Lillian...

Dean H.

"Donna is one of the most caring people I have ever come in contact with.  She is professional and thorough.  Her focus is on you and how she can help.  She is amazing.  You cannot get her level of care anywhere!  Donna is the best.  I am convinced she is an angel."

Renee T.
Tustin, CA

"Thanks so much for the wonderful warmth and kindness you showed us on Monday.  You are indeed a perfect part of the Corona del Mar community."

Best wishes always,


Corona del Mar, CA

"Thank you for being so wonderful to my family."

 Melinda H.

Pinon Hills, CA 

"Over the past 15 years I have gone to 5 audiologists.  All were competent but none except Donna displayed any concern regarding my time and expense.  Often they made adjustments to my hearing aid and told me to come back if the adjustment didn't improve my hearing, as if that's all I had to do with my time.  Donna shows a personal interest in me and follows up on her work.  While she is busy, you do not get the impression that you are one of the crowd being processed that day.  Expect care and attention above the norm when you visit her."

Robert B.

Newport Beach, CA

"Thank you for all that you have done for me." 


Sherryl C.

Laguna Beach, CA

"Hi, Donna:  I just wanted to thank you for your patience, professionalism, attitude and humor in fitting me with hearing aids that have enhanced my life."

Jeffrey K.
Laguna Beach, CA

"We have been associated with Donna Felker Cody for over 10 years and have found her to be an extraordinary professional.  We have complete trust in her superb skill and care as an audiologist."

Dr. Ben and Elizabeth M.

Arcadia, CA

"Donna Cody and her assistant John do a fine job.  She takes the time to really listen and help her patient understand their choices, and she doesn't oversell them on things they don't need.  She seems very competent and knowledgeable and is trusted by medical specialists.  I've been a patient for ten years and couldn't be more satisfied with her ongoing support."

Stephen I.

Dana Point, CA

"Dear Donna,  Just wanted to thank you for taking care of all my needs on Monday & the container of "wipes"!  The phrase "thank you" is simple but behind it lies a world of appreciation..."


Evelyn T.

Balboa Island, CA

"I stopped by your office on August 29th hoping you could repair my hearing aid.  Fortunately, you had the right piece to restore it to working order.  It made such a difference in my ability to enjoy a two week vacation.  You were especially kind, considerate, and helpful, and I so appreciated your personable manner and spirit.  Thank you again very much."

Gail O.


"You guys are the best!  Thank you for all of the help."

Tim M.

Corona del Mar, CA

"Dear Dr. Cody:  Thank you, again, for your kindness and genuine caring with my emergency appointment last week!  Thank you for your thoroughness and your detailed explanations.  Most of all, thank you for starting late, taking the time away from your family time to help me! "


Cheryl R.

Irvine, CA

"Dr. Cody:  You are professional, efficient, willing to take time for explanation and my most favorite..... FUN!  THANK YOU."

Darrell H.
Newport Beach, CA

"She was great." 

Elida L.
Santa Ana, CA